Analyze my Benchy

Hi everyone!

Just managed to finally successfully print my first benchy! It turned out really nicely but not perfect. I’m hoping someone might know what my next tuning steps should be. Is this just a result of using the crappy Creality filament that came with the printer or does something else need tweaking? I’ve levelled the snot out of my bed and got my z offset I think fairly correct.

Thanks in advance!!

Printed a retraction test from 0.2mm-1.4mm (I have a direct drive) and it all came out flawless. I also did a temp tower between 185 and 225 degrees and 205-215 looked about right (I had been printing at 210). So I’m not really sure what could be causing that weird stringing & outcropping.

Nice job congratulations! It is hard to analyze from pictures. To me it looks like damp filament the large bubbly strings. I would suggest trying the same with different filament.

It could need more retraction as well.