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After posting and creating several topics, time for me to finally introduce myself properly, with apologies since I just found this topic.

Michel aka gondolin in some circles. I live in Quebec near the american border between Vermont and New-York states. About 45min from Montreal.

I have been playing table top RPG’s for 42 years, ( I will turn 61 this year)

My first attempt at 3D printing was, when a friend lent me his CR-20. He was quite busy at the time and not using it. He said this would help me decide if I wanted one for myself.

I had no idea what this involved and had given him about 50 files thinking he could print this over a weekend. He laughed at that, pointing out that the war elephant alone, that I wanted, would take about 20hrs.

I was underwhelmed by the printer. I disliked the constant tweeking and manual leveling required on a regular basis. Also, imho, FDM printers are crap where printing figures are concerned but great for RPG scatter and terrain.

When I saw a Kickstarter for the CR-6 claiming ease of use and, SELF-LEVELLING I decided to get one as I still had 30 of those files to print. My friend had taken back his printer. (btw, he got S&T’d of his CR-20 and got himself the latest version of the ever-popular Ender 3).

Now the CR-6 is working almost 24/7 and I have a library of several hundred files to print. I still think the 25-35 mm figs look like crap though. The larger ones, like giants, are «passable». So I am thinking of getting a Anycubic resin printer for figures.

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hi @gondolin

thanks for the intro, Its nice to get to know the people on our forum and their experiences.

Look forward to your contributions.