Android Apps for Scanning?

For those of us who are using Android, any good reliable scanning apps we can use?

I saw one on Kickstarter for apple, they said they are going to work on it for android. Havnt seen anything else.

here is the link

Jason H

I have seen a couple, here’s my list so far (untested by me):


  • as far as I can tell you don’t need additional hardware, you just print this barcode looking mat and place the object you want to scan onto it. Seems easy enough?


  • Connects to Sketchfab (? don’t know what that is)

3D Creator

  • Originally put out by Sony, but available on the Google play store

These are the three that I have found so far that you don’t pay for outright, and don’t need additional hardware. Has anyone had experience with any of them?

I actually use Qlone!
It’s a great tool to use alongside modelling software.

My only gripe with it is that I didn’t realize that you can scan for free, but you can’t export you files in a usable format (.obj, .STL, etc…) Unless you have a paid membership. So it’s really not free…

It has a few cool features, it lets you flip or move the object and rescan it a second time for a new angle to get a better detailed scan.

You do need the mat to use it, but it is scalable. I printed a large poster sized one for larger objects and a mini one for small stuff.
Other than that, you just need a smartphone.

The scans are fairly detailed, I mostly use them to get a basic mesh to use as a guide for rebuilding the item in Fusion 360. Great for a basic mesh not great if you want a high detailed scan.


Just tried QLone, this is the result just holding the phone by hand

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