Anet ET5 Pro starting problems

Hello guys,
Does any of you have experience with the ET5 Pro?
I’ve recently bought a new one and have trouble setting the Z-offset.
Pronterface can send commands to the ET5, but doesn’t receive any response back.

I dont have that printer, but just confirming, can pronterface command the printer to move at all? Or recieve info from an m503 command?

If not look you may need to update the printer drivers. Do you use mac or Linux by anychance?

I’m working with Windows 11
Every tiime I send a command via Pronterface, I get no response. Some commands are executed, but often in an unexpected way.
Which drivers do I need?

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It’s always better to give more details than less. Can you give us an example of an “unexpected way”?

Printers generally use an implementation of a standard serial port over USB. Are you certain of your serial port settings?

Hello all.
I’ve done the only wise thing, aided by the suppliers non technical support, and sent the printer back to the supplier.

I whish you all a very happy and prospourus 2022

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