ANNOUNCEMENT - For the lovers and Users of OPENBUILDS

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag,

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If anyone has noticed we are adding new items to the website last couple of days, Pics should be finished tomorrow but I cannot hold it anymore.

WE NOW CARRY OPENBUILDS (compatible) hardware, Plates, bearings, Mending plates, Gantrys and control knobs plus more.

Gantry of all sizes, we are going to be the place to get it.

Now some of you may be asking, What about extrusion? Well, I am glad you asked, we have confirmed in a Sea container our initial load of extrusion, It’s not here yet but it’s on the way, 20x20, 20x40, 20x60, and 40x40. We will bring in the 20x80 if there is a request for it. Everything coming in 20 series. Custom lengths are available we will cut them for you.

Do you know what comes in the 40x80, 20 series?

I do, It’s the Openbuilds C channel, Yep we have that coming as well.

Sorry, we couldn’t drop it all at the same time but it’s going to be time to think about the next project, CNC machines, Vertical mill, Automatic Painting machine or the ultimate 3D Printer. Think about it now because your supplies are here.

Cool - what lengths will you be carrying? Will you be doing any custom cutting?

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we will be getting the extrusion in bulk lengths, think its 2.5 Meters but yes we will be offering it in custom lengths,


Very cool.

Any sneak peaks on the extrusion prices?

Unfortunately, I cannot even guess until we see what the shipping costs will be, It’s why we ordered it sea can over the air. I am sure you will be impressed.

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Hang on. You ordered a seacan of extrusion and don’t know what it costs?
I find that hard to swallow.

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Cool. Maybe it’s time to finally put some effort into getting started on a few projects that I have in mind.

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Time to offer bulk t-nuts and m3 or m4 screws :smiley:

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Hi Ted

Not a full Sea can, A portion of it, Customs and exchange don’t get calculated until its arrival in Canada.

Oof. I went to Bolts+ for some metric stuff once and got my head handed to me on a plate. It was ouchy. Then I found Glarks on Amazon. Totally set up for three sizes of nuts, Tees, and screws with hex heads for a fraction.
Well made stuff, too.

Ok. But customs isn’t arbitrary, is it? There is a formula?
This is not yet a banana republic.
Please tell me we are not living in a banana Republic.
Also, and this is very interesting, what currency are you negotiating in? If it was CAD, exchange would be moot.

But the good news is you are going to have v-slot track in lengths. This is big. I don’t think there is a single retailer in eastern Canada carrying it.

yeah hahaha. What is arbitrary is what they decide to call something. You call this C Chanel someone might call it slot rail someone else might call it engineered extrusions and they hall have different schedules. If they call it something wrong that causes it to incur a 5.7% duty instead of an exemption orn 2% then there are all kinds of fees they will find. this especially happens the first time you bring an item in. it doesn’t matter if you use the manufactures name, part number, or an industry-standard name and the right HS code, the eyes on the parts at the border can decide whatever they want. It used to take years to dispute but we haven’t had to do one in a long time, I guess you pay it and email all the docs off to somone now.

Jesus. Sounds like building inspectors. A bunch of two-year-certificate “experts” getting in the way.
This country is going to red-tape itself off a cliff.

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well, I’m old enough now to have seen how the red tape can keep the grifters out of a system.

Oh, has it?

Next time anyone visits the store we have cleared up some end caps and are in process of pegging it all now up on the walls. Have to say looking at the order on paper and looking at it on the wall, Much more impressive on the Wall.

I see a MiniMill in my future.

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