Announcement - Mods List and a big thank you

HI Everyone

Help me in congratulating @LEGOManiac as our newest moderator to the forum.

He is a well known user on the forum and has agreed to help us out as we get busier.

Thanks @LEGOManiac Truly appreciate it.

Let me take this opportunity to post the entire team. If any user has an issue or need a mods help you can reach out to anyone listed below

Myself @Jason
Chris @chris
Jeff @Jeffc177
PJ @PJprincefpv

Also, Thank you to all of our users that have found us, and use us regularly. we are together here to build the community and share out knowledge. We are only here because of all of you, A heartfelt thank-you to everyone.

Congrats @LEGOManiac!

way to go Lego! … been wanting to say that for a while …

Right on bud :slight_smile: keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Congrats to the newest Mod ! :slight_smile: