Annoying Filament Problems

I dont know whats going on.
i buy cheap filament and it prints like butter with no issues
but as soon as i spend a little bit more to get some apparently highgly regarded filament i have nothing but issues and failed prints.

im running a CR10-s modified with a skr1.3 board an tmc 2109s
with a E3d V6 hotend

anyone that could give me some advice would be greatly appreciated

It might be moisture,
@Glenn shared his knowledge with us in here somewhere, Huh. Why didn't I think of that, Basically filament can come from the factory already too wet, and will suck water anytime it can, so now I plan to dry rolls before use, even if they’re new.
Or it could be bed temp, or nozzle temp…
Maybe do a temp tower,

I’ll second @mobiobi’s Wet Filament suggestion. Even right out of the bag they’re sometimes wet. I mean, truth be told, we usually don’t really know exactly where the filament is being made and how humid it is in that location, so, strictly speaking, you can’t assume the filament will be dry.

That having been said, remember; a picture is worth 1000 words…

Premium filament is a bit misleading. To my mind the best filaments are bought from primary manufacturers. Prusament for example, Prusa makes, certifies, packages and puts their name on the filament they sell. If it is junk it sullies their reputation. The premium no name brand… is the same as the el chepo brand.

What typically happens is it comes into the resellers place on a huge roll that then is re rolled and repackaged and re branded. Much like the bulk barn, they don’t make anything and buy vast quantities and ‘part’ it out. The issue of this model is the best products are sold quickly. The longer the giant roll sits the worse it gets. Much like the bulk barn the cheap stuff moves fast and has no time to ‘stale’ the expensive stuff sits around and is old when you buy it.

If you are buying premium brands but a premium name brand that has a run and is actually extruding it them selves.

Prusament is an easy example, you can check individual roll specs dates and so on. Footage of the production line is widely available.

proto pasta, filamentum, and polyalcemy. Fall into this too. There are lots of others these ones I have used. I also really like Eurekatec it is ‘premium’ but I really like it. (it is also local to me)

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only other addition I will put in there is that if its a filament you have not printed with before, run a temp tower on it to find the sweet spot.

I run our standard line and print white at 195, perfect, Black at 205. I change to Hello3d and that goes to 205 and 215. Sakata is 220 and 235. Nice filament but that’s almost PetG territory.

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