Anomalies I want to remove

How do I remove these anomalies from my model? They are the two anomalies at the base of the model.

The previous model I printed with the same settings came out perfect then these appeared on the next print job. They appear after I slice not in the STL file.

I am using a K1 MAX

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Try a different slicer. Prusa slicer is my current favourite but Orca is good too. (based on PS) I have been tinkering with different slicers they all produce different results and varying strengths. I don’t really think one is better or worse they are just different.

When one is cranky try a different one. Some times the Creality slicer is particularly poor, it is usually a copy of something else, and not always well done.

Hi Nick,

Based on the color of the preview those look to be supports. These can be easily peeled off after the print, use the side cutters that came with your printer if you have trouble!

Can you provide the settings file for prusa slicer for the K1 MAX? Specifically PETG, but PLA would be useful also