Another cura problem

I opened a file in cura and part of it isn’t there. It is a simple part, a small cylinder with two wings on opposite sides. When it shows in cura there are gaps in the cylinder where it joins onto the wings. It appears fine in the CAD program.

Linux: $HOME/.local/share/cura//cura.log
Mac OSX: $HOME/Library/Application Support/cura//cura.log
Or if you’re still a Windows slave: C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\cura<Cura version>\cura.log

I had that happen but only after slicing. the model was too thin in those spots

that was it, I changed some off the diam. from 0.015" thick to 0.016" thick and it was fine. Hard to believe that such a small amount would cause a problem but it must be that the the math has to work out, which I thought it would. I also made some changes to the original cad drawing to improve slicing and it is now much better. This is a small print and the first attempt failed so I reduced the print speed from 50MM/sec down to 15MM/sec and it now prints fine.

Opps spoke to soon. Back to the cura drawing board.

Next attempt is now at 5mm/sec

Printing at 5mm/sec worked well