Another great video and Creality shenagans

Our member @Yarkspiri has been producing really fantastic videos for some time. As someone whom got thrust into video production over COVID I understand the time and energy this takes.

This new one is very short and points a real nasty clause. User beware and be aware! It is a rather poor treatment of re sellers to compete head to head, imo. It also represents a sad truth. If we make poor designed products with low quality parts. Everyone will buy our products to fix our products. That is wacky but here we are.

Thank you Yasmeen!

2.5.1、You agree Creality to use the content you post, including but not limited to photos, graphics, audio data, etc. Also, Creality is granted with the permanent use rights of the content you post and convertible authorization globally, freely, non-exclusively. Creality can copy, modify, adapt, or print the foregoing content for some specific reasons.

There are a few other questionable clauses here and there.

If you read (and we don’t) the eula on most forums , user groups or practically everything you do in connection to a corporation it will likely have something like this. Corporations are not our friends, we are a means to an end AKA them making money. You shouldn’t be surprised by this, it’s everywhere. Creality is no different or worse then all the others.

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As @Loosenut notes, the clause you cite is pretty standard.

When you post something online, you should always assume that the platform you’re posting to will own the post. If you have something of value, don’t put it up somewhere on the interwebs without clearly understanding any intellectual property ownership implications.

Personally, other than Creality having the ability to modify the content to suit their purposes, I really don’t have a problem with it as the company is providing the forum for free to their customers and they are doing it to help promote their products. I am concerned that state up front that they can change the tone/message of a comment.

I just looked again at the Ts & Cs of this forum and I must say that You Content is pretty reasonable and while 3D Printing Canada can reproduce what you post here, they don’t claim the right to modify it.

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Changing the tone of the message IE: remove the critical bits and adding Creality praising stuff instead. That is the usual corporate L of C.


I personally have never seen a EULA that was you post it we own it, and can do what ever we want, forever.

I have seen special licences like the one here. But never you post it and the company can do what they want. Permanent and global usage rights, what a marketing scam.

You post a fix to their design, they then could incorporate that to their product and mass produce your designed part with no compensation or even credit of the original designer? That sounds like what they are after to me.

It seems draconian. Maybe I am not interpreting that correctly that is what it seems like to me.

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I just did a bit of looking around. Ownership of user posts is really nebulous for many sites including FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. It’s also complicated by the laws in different jurisdictions where the companies are located and where their servers are located.

Assume that the hosting company owns the rights to the post, unless you’re violating somebody else’s intellectual property or breaking a law somewhere - then ownership is all yours and they’re shocked you violated their terms of service and will aid in any litigation against you.


  1. Don’t post anything you don’t mind somebody else using. If you think it’s worth something, then don’t post it.
  2. Don’t post somebody’s else’s material without attribution or a direct link.
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I did end up reaching out to Hackaday, and they did clarify a couple of things to me. This seems to only apply to the content Posted at Creality.

Technically, they could take any video revenue you have if you’ve been monetized through another platform and have posted the link through their website. They also mentioned that although that is remote, it is still a possibility.

What I am most concerned about in this case is the lack of replaceable parts for some of their newer machines. Currently, the only way to get some of these is to become a reseller and agree to this contract. Oh, by the way, they can change it whenever they want, and they aren’t required to let you know. So Ya… that doesn’t inspire all that much confidence. For future reference, here’s an image of the actual contract I saw when recording this video.

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There are a lot of Chinese companies now trying to cement ways to get IP for free. This is one way I guess. They are watching Russia now where all the IP from the western owned companies isn’t in their country and is out of reach. The aviation industry is now completely dead there. Once shelf stock is used up they are back to piston engines. So if you’re Chinese and your corner of the world is 3d printers, that you didn’t invent. and have none of the talent that created it because you’ve just made a business out of copying what’s out there to make it cheaper then this is what you have to do.