Another hot end question

The Ender 3v2 and/or all Ender 3’s have a heat limit of about 260C if it is pushed to the max.

If someone, no names, wanted to upgrade it by either installing a new high heat hot end or just a new heat break like a Slice Eng, Copperhead, which would effectively make the stock Creality hot end more or less the same as a Micro Swiss hot end, what else needs to be done. Is there a firmware setting to be made to tell the motherboard to heat higher, does a new higher wattage heat cartridge need to be installed or is the stock 40 watt OK. What about the thermistor, will it work at a higher temp. and last but most important can the motherboard drive the hot end to a higher temp. without burning itself out.

Just looking into this for future consideration and maybe this will generate a “heated” discussion. :rofl:

it would absolutely work however to increase the hot end max temp you would have to redo the firmware limits.

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Is that the most odd name ever? The 2D 3D printer! :joy:

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I see a lot of people on Facebook groups lubing their z-rods. Is this suggested for ALL z-rods, or addressing certain issues?

depends on the bearings, really loosely metal bearings on metal should be lubed. Lightly. after a few prints clean any blobs off where the end of the motion is extra will accumulate there. ture for all the liner rods, (smooth ones). Packing the bearings is also common but a lot of work.

you will find if you look a lot of things like this to aid in that process don’t worry about it until you are dealing with taking something apart.