Another hot wheels display! LED content! :p

Hey! Hope everybody’s going well! :stuck_out_tongue:

My latest Hot Wheels display!
I was looking for something to showcase my “vintage and antique Hot Wheels”…
What could be better than a drive-in diner like the ones in the 60’s?!!

Added some LED lights, and colored roof panels to give this “neon” effect.
All done with 3DPC filament. Those flat black and aluminum like filaments are so nice!!!

It would have been great to light up the burger and the 15c, but I only have long LED strips here, and they unfortunately don’t fit there. Ill have to buy some individual LEDs for my futur designs… lol.

hope you like it!


Wow. That’s a handsome build.

Another cool display!
Keep up the great work.

Very cool!!! Is that EL strip you used for the roof lighting?