Any early assessment of the newest Prusa Slicer ( v 2.6.0 )?

Any early assessment of the newest Prusa Slicer ( v 2.6.0 ) ?

I suppose this overlaps the general discussion of “best” slicer.

I have been using Cura as i prefer their UI.

However the added function of Prusa 2.6.0 (organic supports, distance measuring, etc) might make me use it more often.

Thus far i just use Prusa for it’s “simplify model” and “Fix through the Netfabb” features and then export and use meshmixer and cura the rest of the way.

Thoughts ?

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Cura has tree supports, as I am sure you know. How are Prusaslicer’s organic supports different? As far as distance measuring, there is a plugin for Cura to add that functionality.

I have tried Prusaslicer in the past, but like you, I prefer Cura’s UI. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around Prusaslicer’s layout. Finally just gave up on it, and found plugins for Cura that added the features I wanted. I know there are others that love Prusaslicer, so I guess it comes down to your preference, as I think both slicers are very comparable in capability. Each one does have their advantages and disadvantages.

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looks to be an early bug in this release; i have experienced it a few times and others are reporting it as well ;
“Unable to preform Boolean operation on model meshes. Only positive parts will be exported”
this happens when trying to export an STL PLate from Prusa, can export a Project ( .3mf) from Prusa and import that into Cura and squeeze out (export) the .stl there tho

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I am running the arm 2.6 rc2. It seems fine, I was running rc1 and B4 and… they are developing it still so lots of versions. I am running Cura 5. something sorry I don’t remember at the moment too. I bounce back and forth.

I like the PS organic supports better the Cura ones for me are hard to remove. Although not a lot harder. PS they often stay on the bed.

I crashed it once, selecting all. Reported issue so no big deal.

IMO the biggest difference is Cura takes longer to slice for me. I wait and wait on it. PS is very fast, and looks better. I find Cura clunky but I tend to use PS.

The quality of the slice and the speed to printing is variable. A file that is faster to print in PS does not mean PS is always faster it just isn’t. Same for the actual slice sometimes one is better than the other. Noreason I can see.

I am a Photographer, it is like camera raw converters. They are not all doing the same thing, for landscapes one is better than others for portraits a different one.

I see slicers the same way I use PS CURA and Ideamaker depending on printer and file and what I want. IMO it is silly to expect one to always be better than the others. There are way too many variables.


I use Cura 5.4 now because it’s so stable and creates very good g-code, but I would love to use soome of the more advanced features of Prusa 2.6. The issue for me is finding a good, workable profile for the Flsun V400 I can use. Every time I try something in the Prusa slicer, I get a big mess when I try to print it. Thank, folks.

regarding the printer profile i would contact flsun directly;
my experience with them doing that is a bit spotty But they Have helped on occasion;
example, before they had the V400 accessories page ( not much good when everything is sold out is it ?),
i contacted them about extra nozzles and they had a process to get me three, it worked ( after i paid thru their curious online system for “Overrage/Underages”); they sent them to me in envelope, rather unprofessional but they are here and working;
barring the above i would try using the super racer profile, the v400 shares a lot with the super racer

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Did you try the profiles I sent?

I am curious what you thought. I really dislike the cura version it annoys me that the included profile is different that the one used to slice the samples.


Yes, I tried them and I just can’t get Prusa slicer to work with anything on my V400. I;m using Cura 5.4 exclusively now. I’ve done extensive testing and tweaking of my Cura profile and it’s doing very well now. I really like the Prusa interface so much better though. It’s a shame I can’t get that slicer tuned into my machine. Thank you.

Can you resend those profiles to me. I’d like to try them out again with Prusa 2.6 and see if I can’t get something working on my machine. Thanks a million. =Ed=

I have an idea. Can you download this file ( ), slice it with your Prusa 2.6 setup, and then export it into a .3mf file? Then send me a copy of your output file that I can load into my v400 and I can get an exact copy of your settings. That way I can compare what your settings are to what I currently have.

I have repeatedly gotten failed prints of this model using the Prusa settings I have right now, but I get somewhat good prints using Cura 5.4. I know if the Prusa settings are figured out that the Prusa prints will be much better.

Thanks very much! =Ed=

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I thought the same. I’ll send it this evening of tomorrow. I will set it for PLA 0.20 and 0.15.

I am also going to include what I often use a printer test, a scaled down Venus of Willendorf. My minor in Art History showing, (thanks to Dr Jean Wier she went on and on about Venus of Willendorf )

In case anyone cares…

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Terrific! Looking forward to it. Thank you.

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