Anycubic Chiron users

Hello. Thankyou for inviting me to forum. I have been printing with Chiron for over 2 years almost 24 7 logging 100’s of hours . I know the Chiron inside and out, using S3D as my slicer. If you have questions on Chiron I am here to help.

Hey Leelu

Thanks for joining up, we appreciate the offer of information, look forward to seeing you here.


Hello Leelu,
Did you have to change the extruder on your «Chiron» since you work with it since 2 years.
I had some trouble printing Sigma PETG, the noozle clogged, as it was a big piece almost 4 days print it run over night without printing. Since that time it does not run well. I change completely the hot end to reprint the piece with PLA + but the new noozle clogged again. Now I am waiting for new noozles and I am not sure if the extruder is still ok.

Hello Roger
I have some questions for you to answer. Is your firware stock? Is your Chiron stock, or have you done mods? Are you using a stock hotend? Have you completed a PID test and entered values in firmware? Have you completed a extruder calibration? Have you checked the bowden tube for a clog at hotend? Have you checked the thermosistor for proper placement in heat block? I can better help you through FaceBook PM if you wish, I am avail from 5Am mountain time. Look forward to hearing from you. We can sort out your issues.

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Sorry, I am very busy at this time of the year. My Chiron is stock, I didn’t made any mods. I am using the stock hotend that came in the box. I’m not an expert in 3D printing so I don’t know what is a PID test. I use the standards parameters already in Cura for the Chiron.
I’m waiting for new nozzles to try it again. This afternoon I tighten the weels under the hot bed there was some slack there. I sucessfully printed 10 kilos of PETG from 3D Printing Canada without changing anything in the parameters. The job was not finish, the PETG from 3D PC was out of stock so I tried Sigma from DigitMakers, the trouble begin at this moment.

Hi Roger. Are you on FaceBook?

I would really like to help you but going through this venue will be hard to help.

Good morning Robert,

I finally understood what is going wrong with my Chiron. I have no control on temp of hotend anymore. After doing all tests, PID and calibation of the new extruder, I printed a piece with Silk Pink Pla, still bad results but with this color I saw clearly that the hotend was burning the plastic. Whatever temp I program in Cura the result is the same. :frowning:
As I bought the printer last October I ask Anycubic to take it back.

Roger. I do not know if Anycubic will take printer back. If you are still interested in this printer I can still help you, however it needs to be direct communication EG… Facebook pm, or whatsup. Helping by email just is to cumbersome, Other option(s) is sell it.