Anycubic kobra 2 max

Im trying to do a test print for a large piece i wanna do. My infill is not working right and i dont know how to fix it. I need suggestions

Looks to me like some under extrusion,

What temperature are you printing at, and what material is it? It is also possible you may need to slow the print down during the infill.

230 at the nozzle and 60 on bed. Infill speed is 230mm, solid infill is 200mm. Its pla+ filament.

Yeah that doesn’t seem unreasonable for the temps, what about your speed?

Sorry i lied lol. I tried 300mm on perimeter and the two infills. Default is 230 for everything. Maybe 300 is a tad to fast?

Sorry I think my brain took a long walk off a short pier for a second there, totally missed you had included that haha!

Yeah maybe try slowing it down a bit, try setting it to something like 150 and see if it improves at all, then you can start bringing it back up and find the sweet spot.

Sounds good thanks

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Let me know how it goes!

So this print was at 220 nozzle and 60 bed. 230mm perimeter with 150mm solid infill. It sounds like rumbling while doing the infill and even the perimeter wasnt even all the way around. I somt know if i should wait longer with the bed temp because the bed is so large? Also the pla says to have the fan off. Tomorrow ill try it with the fan on.

Judging by your photos, I would recommend you to calibrate the first layer of the bed (Z-offset) first, as you can clearly see in the photo that your layer is uneven.
Infill problems are possible when your extruder does not have time to melt the right amount of filament during printing. This can be partially fixed by raising the extruder temperature by 5-10 degrees. But you have to remember that each extruder has a maximum volume speed limit.
The easiest option to solve this issue is to reduce the print speed to 100-120mm/s, which is the speed suitable for most entry-level printers.
And after successful printing, gradually raise the speed.