Anycubic Kobra Printing Issues

I have a Anycubic Kobra Max with a 400 x 400 x 450 table. The printer is offsetting in the Y axis every certain number of layers. We had the speed running at 100% for the first 2 attempts which we figured might be the issue on account of the speed might be causing the belt to jump. We slowed it down to the recommended 66% and the part turned out worse than the previous 2.
Not sure if there is a setting we are missing that would be causing this.

This sounds like the sort of thing that might be Mobo related.

Like maybe its that somehow the current for the stepper driver is too low. That would mean it doesnt have the grunt to do accelerations that you might be asking of it. This would barely change with speed but would change with acceleration.

If it uses fancy UART steppers then you would be able to change this in firmware if connected.

If it does not, you might see a screw driverable potentiometer on the stepper drivers when you flip it over, and those could need readjusting if they somehow magically went to the wrong position.

Youd have to look up how to adjust those ones in particular though and need a voltmeter

We figured out the issue. Ultimaker Cura didn’t have our printer in its setup so we had to create our own. We found files online that we downloaded and applied them to Cura and it solved our problem.

I have a Kobra Max as well. Any chance you could share the link to the Cura settings??