Anycubic Mega X Upgrades?

Hi all, I am wanting to upgrade the stock hotend on my Anycubic Mega X to an all metal hotend.

From what ive found online the E3D V6 is what I need (or if someone has another recommendation), there is a 24v and a 12v model, which led me down a rabbit hole and I have some questions before spending $100+ on the wrong part.

The current power supply on Mega X is 12v.
Is it worth upgrading the PSU to 24v? any benefits/downsides? What would need to be replaced if upgrading to 24v?
-currently have three 12v Noctua fans installed on the PSU, Motherboard & hotend, the part cooling fan is still stock).
-Also installed five TMC2209 drivers on the mainboard

Whilst im making modifications I was wondering if it would be worth it to convert to a direct drive system ,the extra weight of direct drive shouldnt really have a negative effect on print speed since the moving bed Y-axis would be a bottleneck to speed before the X-axis.

Are there any downsides to a direct drive system on this printer?

Appreciate any advice!

HI Mystery

The last Mega I did I put a Titian Aero Direct drive on it, It actually worked really well, I was able to locate all the mounts for it online, I kept it at 12 Volt as it did work well just a bit long to heat up the bed.

I upped the fan to a 5015 on the print cooler so I designed a duct for that but other than that it could then print pretty well anything including TPU, Parts for the V6 if you need them are pretty cheap and easy enough to replace should you have bad printing days.

For safety sake double check your heater cartridge before you install it that its the proper voltage, 12V is getting harder to find, Just double check to be sure.

Awesome, Thanks!