Anycubic Mega X Z-Axis Limit Switch

Hi all - I managed, through sheer stupidity, to shatter one of the z-axis limit switches on my Mega X. I’ve looked around online and am having no luck sourcing these. Amazon Canada doesn’t have them and the Amazon US site shows as Not Available.

Anyone have a suggested source? <edit - the image below is from a UK site, which I suppose is my fallback option>

As I don’t have any physical dimensions for that limit switch, I can only suggest something visually comparable that we have in stock. It looks like its a tad bit too long - but it’s orientated the same way, the connector is different but the wire that comes with it converts to a 3 pin.
Here is the link;
“Mechanical End Stop Type A”

Thanks - I’d seen that and wondered if it was an option. My one concern is that the original part has two through-holes for stand-offs, between the connector and the switch, where the Type-A one seems to have only one.

I would prolly just grab a creality endstop switch, may have to fudge it a little but they are pretty universal.

If not I do carry just the switch and you can solder it back into the old board.

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The Creality ones look to face the wrong direction, in that the connector and the switch are on the opposite ends rather than on perpendicular faces – so definitely some fudging required. I’d think that I’d need to fudge both limit switches or risk the gantry being out of level.

Soldering the switch to the board seems mildly terrifying, given my 35 year-old Grade 8 soldering skills, but I may give that a try. Might boost the confidence enough to try a BL Touch install. :slight_smile:

Thanks folks,