AnyCubic Mega X

New to 3d printing, and I am wanting to make my printer quieter, from what I understand I need to replace the stepper motor drivers. From what ive seen online everyone recommends TMC2208 or the TMC2209. Anything else I should do to make it quieter?

I also want to upgrade the cooling fans for the hotend/motherboard. Recommendations?

Any other upgrades y’all recommend? I want to get the most out of this printer I possibly can.


Yes, TMC2208/2209 drivers will make things quieter. Upgraded fans may make your printer noisier as they will be pushing more air.

Can I ask why do you have the need to make the printer quieter? I’ve had five printers over the years and none of them have been so noisy as to be bothersome. Now, I live in a house and the printers are in a separate room (my office), but I work alongside my printers (two are running right now) and I don’t find them distracting or preventing me from doing basic things where I communicate with people (I’m watching the MakerBot Zoom call right now).

If anybody cares, the MakerBot Zoom call I’m on right now (that “Live Prototyping and Problem-Solving with 3D Printing”) is disappointing so far (20 minutes in) - it’s basically an ad explaining the benefits of owning a (MakerBot) 3D printer for making prototype parts. Nothing on how to design or print the actual parts so far.

I sit right next to my printer (its the only spot i can place it) and im told the background noise is very noticeable in my headset. I can hear it running at night from my bedroom (thin walls) which is kinda annoying. plus i want to get experience replacing parts on my printer.

Depends, I replaced the stock MB and PS 40mm fans on my E3V2 (quiet steppers) with Noctura 92 mm fans. They are almost silent but give better cooling from the increased airflow. I printed out new PS and MB covers to take the new fans which replaced the really crappy low air flow ones that came on the printer. Once I get around to replacing the fans on the hot end with quieter ones the printer will be almost noiseless. Noctura fans run at a lower speed with lower airflow (sometimes) and may not be the best choice for this since this could lower cooling and result in heat creep. This is an important point to remember when choosing the type of fans you want. They need to keep the airflow high enough, sacrificing quiet performance for reduced sound will be a problem. Hence the replacement of 40mm fans with 92mm fans.

P.S. replacing parts and modding can be a lot of fun AND chew up a lot of money.