Anyone have any TicTok ideas

Hey Everyone,

Just looking for some ideas for posting on tictok.

Does anyone have any ideas on short videos they want to see posted up there?

Not a fan of ticktoc myself, but time lapses, or how to finish prints are ideas.

Or prints used for everyday things/cosplay/education

Show an old style mechanical clock with audio going tik tok tik tok

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LOL, thats funny

show doing a cold pull. haven’t seen the question in a while but it’s a good visual thing to teach someone and hard to explain with text

It feels like this is soooo not the tik tok crowd. At least speaking for myself. I can’t even bring myself to install it to watch the 3dprintingcanada videos that are helpful.

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heh new customers are new customers,


Not saying there’s anything wrong with that crowd … just that I’m not a member of it. :smiley:

I don’t know anything about it or what the attraction would be over youtube

Its taken us quite a while to move to the TikTok avenue, I know that the group here may not watch them right away but we are trying to reach out to new users. I would sooner get some good ideas from you guys and post them, Perhaps bring new members into the Forum. I have been seeing quite a few new “printing” guys going on TicTok and seem to be getting a little traction.

What is tik tok?

I’m not being a smart ass I really don’t know, I don’t do social media at all.

Hey @Loosenut

It’s kind a mini video platform, you can post 1min or 3 min videos on it just for people to watch. Kinda like the video version of Twitter, Throw it out there and see who watches or follows you.

1 to 3 min. what is the point. Even YouTube started at 10Min. Not that I would waste my time watching YouTube. Meaningless educational dribble. :laughing: