Anyone hear of a fractal vice?

Ill be honest, I never have.

Michael from teaching tech just did an open-source 3d printable one, have to say pretty impressive.

Here is the original restoration video Michaels is based on.

3d printers still amaze me

Yeah, these are too cool for words. My 3D printer buddy here at work has started printing one for his work on guitars.

I have actually seen one personally my old supervisor had an original. It is beyond fascinating. I want to print one but I really want to buy My old boss’ !

I want to print a small version of this for painting miniatures!

I’m pretty sure my dad had one where he worked. He was a machinist at Northern Electric through the 50’s and 60’s I remember seeing it in use and thought they were everywhere, I thought everyone in his shop had one at least. I was surprised later on when I realized I haven’t seen one since. This vice is no good for machining but the department where my dad worked did special items and things where the machinist was making parts and assembling an item at the same time.

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