Anyone lend a hand for 5 min?


I just installed a skr mini e3 v2.0 board in the cr10s as well as the Voron Afterburner with Bltouch

can someone be so kind to compile the latest marlin firmware for me??

I’m having issues with running Vs code, its crashing on me after 2 min of use.
i have to figure out what’s going on with my computer as few other programs are acting in the same manner, might be time to reformat the machine

Marlin settings




using a e3dv6 cartridge thermistor

the stepper motor in reverse direction as well please

Thank you for your time

HI @soundwav

Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you found us here.

do you have your config.h and your adv.h complete?

I am sure one of us can compile it for you but the configuration has to be yours.

It sounds like you may want someone to modify the firmware for you, I’m not comfortable doing it unless i have the machine physically here to verify changes.

i am unable to edit the config files as the program is crashing before i can do anything

im going to find another computer and try it on that one otherwise i have to reformat my computer

HI Soundwave

I cannot speak for everyone here and if someone else wants to jump in feel free. I can only speak personally I would not be comfortable punching firmware unless I had the printer to test and verify changes. Could end up being a bit of a rabbit hole that’s all.