Anyone tune their stepper drives?

I have a mks robin lite v1.1 so intigrated a4988 drivers. Im about to jump over to an skr 1.4 turbo but before i do that i want to see how far i can push this board.

Before i jump down the rabbit hole and play with marlin again, has anyone tuned their stepper motors? Im asking beacuse i was slightly under the impression that my motors are cool to the touch, but being warm would be acceptable. With this in mind im thinking that means i have room to push the motors more. Im aware of the drivers having limits, although i have a 120mm fan blowing onto the board with heat sinks and a temperature modulated fan controller.

Does anyone think the stepper drives will be the restrictor in this experiment or should they be able to handle some more juice so long as theyre kept cool and below their manufacturers limit?

Have you played with intigrated drives and tuned them through software?

Any opinions or advice is always appriciated :slight_smile:

I tried a while back. My issue was one stepper was getting so hot it was binding. In my case I was careful to mark the original position. It made no difference in my heat issue I suspect the stepper had a bent shaft or obstruction causing it to over eat and bind. I ended up replacing it and one other and re adjusting the VREF.

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