APLA filament experiences?

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I’ve seen on the 3D Printing Canada website a category for APLA filament (although no products are listed currently). I wasn’t sure what it was, looked it up, and see that it’s “annealed” PLA, supposed to be stronger than regular PLA. The annealing process from my understanding is just heating it to change the molecular structure?

Has anyone had any experience with APLA? Did you find it any better to print with, was your print stronger as a result? I’m not seeing a ton of places selling it, or a ton of information atm so I’m interested to hear everyone’s experiences

ETA: APLA Info this is all I was able to find so far about APLA

Interesting. Is it still annealed after its extruded into a model?

That I don’t know. Not many suppliers, not much information.

After Printing your model it’s placed in an oven or toaster oven to anneal it. It does make it stronger and cleans up the layer lines. It will however expand when being heated and then shrink smaller than the origional print. However, it is by a predictable amount.

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