Apparently Honda is now ANTI-STL?

I have always been under the understanding that manufacturers supported if not condoned the use of 3D Printers. Apparently, Honda feels differently and is not threatening legal action against websites that host Honda Related parts.

I have to seriously scratch my head here and wonder what Honda is thinking. Does honda really think that because it says “honda” in the description now Honda owns it? That’s just ridiculous?

So If I print something with SpaceX on it does that mean I now own a rocket?

Drive a Toyota and repairs won’t be an issue :smile:
Also, I smell a bluff. I’d love to see the headlines if and when Big Bad Honda calls in the lawyers to maul a few nerds.

They own the term Honda and will stop others from using it even if it is for a good cause. If you post stl’s on a site that says “cup holder” and add that it might fit a Honda vehicle then you are probably OK. Saying it is s a “Honda cup holder”, when Honda didn’t design it is what started this. They will call in the lawyers to maul a few nerds because if they don’t then someone else will take advantage of the fact that they didn’t protect there trade mark. This doesn’t have anything to do with the STL files, it is about Honda protecting it’s trade marks. They may have overstepped the mark on this one, time will tell.

P.S. if you design a cup holder with Honda on the side of it, just for your self, then Honda will probably never know or even care. If you sell those holders or the STL files or even give the files away, as happened, you can expect the hammer to fall hard.

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Disney is famous for lawfare in pursuit of “protecting the brand”.
Put that in your Hahvahd case study file.

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I did a bit of reading to see the other side. nope they are just after the name. The funny part is there is now a ton of honda things that have zero to do with cars at all. Honda filament holders … it will be a mess. It is a a real attack on this community. It is wrong headed and has a likely hood of back firing. Bad PR.

often it’s just the legal firm that sent the takedown that causes this thing. THey are retained by Honda or whoever and they search around on their own looking for things they can act on and only get paid when they are successful. It costs the company line Honda, nothing because they never have to pay unless these firms find things to do. Sony was bad for this and I have personal experience dealing with the Toronto law firm that represented them.