Apple Apps for Scanning

Any recommendation for Apple iOS app to scan that can be turned in STL files?

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I look forward to answers as well. I have never even tried scanning before and would be eager to give it a try.

I haven’t used this myself but I saw a posting on another forum and the results looked impressive.
They used the ScandyPro App on an iPhone 11pro with a mirror adapter they printed off of thingiverse. You have to scan with the front facing camera so the mirror makes scanning much easier. They then uploaded to cura a

nd printed it in PETG on standard quality.

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I used a thrift store Xbox Kinect camera and some free software, Kinect as a 3D Scanner: An Easy Beginner's Tutorial | All3DP to print a Bobble Head of myself.

this is cool. I am definitely looking into this. I think a scanner would be cool but not for $1500

From my understanding the iPhone scanning works well for large objects but not great for detail on smaller objects. It just isn’t capable of the detail. The lidar in the iPhone is meant for augmented reality applications vs high detail 3d scanning.

Yeah, this cost me about $10 to print. This was even before I had my own printer, I sent it to the local library and they printed it for the cost of the filament, so like 60 cents.

I just got a Kinect camera to do this too. Did you need a cable/dongle to connect the Kinect to your computer? Does this work with a Mac?

The Kinect I found had a USB adapter with it. The software was free online for PC, I don’t remember if it had a Mac option…

Mine didn’t come with a USB adapter. Sigh

Thank you …

Haven’t seen anything in this thread in a while so I’ll revive it to see if anyone has come across any new iOS apps for 3D scanning. Scandy pro isn’t bad (though it still needs to use the front facing camera for higher detail even though newer iPhones have the LIDAR camera on the back now) so it’s a bit of a pain to scan things needing higher detail. I’ve dabbled with Scaniverse but haven’t been able to get decent scans out of that yet. Are there any other apps (including non-free ones) that do a good job?