Arc Welder for Slicers

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has used a slicer add-on called Arc Welder? and if so what is your thoughts.

Here is a YouTube video on it. Arc Welder - Smoother, Faster, Better 3D Prints! Its like magic to improve your 3D Print quality. - YouTube


Following. Good subject / Question

Is that the same or similar version that is built into Cura.

I’m not sure if it is built in Cura … the Video says it is an add-on for the Slicers … I was just curious if anyone has tried it?


I have it on in my profiles. I don’t know if it improved anything. files seem smaller though, but I understand not all printers can use the arc commands so YMMV

Sorry it is an extension for cura

I loaded it once and did not notice a difference. If I recall, it’s supposed to really help machines with 8 bit boards.