Arch Lamp with Alexa Led


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Can you verbally ask Alexa to Change the RGBs?
Hey Alexa! I’m feeling Blue today…
Hey Alexa! Show me the brightness of a supernova

I really like this but it’s not clear in the photos if the light is pointing towards you or down at the desk?

it’s towards the desk i took picture from lower angle to show the width and light quality

alexa and siri are only two girls in world who listen to me … others just argue


very nice we have 2 assembly benches here in the shop and the way the shop lights work it’s hard to avoid shadows. This would be good for the small work. Great idea

Total cost 26 bucks for Goove Alexa LED and about a kilo of PLA and 4 days printing

I like it, surprised you used that much material

there are 8 segments and total width is 1 meter wide. its on thingserve. and most of the segment are solid

Arch Lamp

I like it, RGB control is a nice feature

While I think it looks pretty cool, I need all the space on my desks that I can get, so I’ll be sticking with ceiling mounted lamps.

if you look at model you can make it the way you like it. including straight