Argh. Stringing

Any thoughts how I can solve this. I adjusted my retracting settings from 5 to 3 with same results.
Can anyone recommend a settings in Cura.

I am using Sakata and printing at 215.

Thank you. I appreciate your time.

Did you check you nozzle for wear? Worn nozzles string like mad, settings that should work don’t. That you changed retraction setting but basically got the same results points me to blame the nozzle.

If you’re using a bowden style extruder check to make sure that the bowden tube is properly seated against the nozzle. I had abunch of stringing issues and it just turned out that when I replaced the bowden tube I didn’t get it quite tight against the nozzle and it caused a bunch of stringing.

When you say you adjusted the retraction settings, do you mean the retraction distance or the retraction speed? There are two settings to fiddle with.

Also, b.t.w. I had a problem in another thread I started wherein a new filament I was using was stringing like crazy. It turned out that the temperature recommended by the manufacturer was too high by nearly 40C! I tried several prints, lowering the temperature by 10C each time until the stringing stopped. I can understand a manufacturer being off by 10C, but I couldn’t believe 40C, so I printed a temperature tower and confirmed it.

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I adjusted the retraction distance from 5 to 3 mm with the same results if not a little worse.

Maybe adjust to above 5?

If anything, you want to have more retraction (go from 5 to 6 to 7mm) in order to essentially suck the molten filament out of the nozzle so it doesn’t ooze out and the print head moves. If you retract too much, molten filament will start to solidify inside the Bowden tube causing a jam.

Have you tried reducing the hot end temperature?

Did you check the nozzle. When the retraction settings don’t make any change or barely any change it is likely the nozzle. You can depending on the material wear out a nozzle in one print. It sounds like the nozzle is the issue. I often change mine monthly due to wear.

you could try adjusting combing or outer wall wipe distance. this changes where th retraction happens. neither will work well if the nozzle isn’t smooth and round.

I reduced it to 200 and it clearly was to low.
What temp do you recommend?

Link says it all…but… as kitedemon said ‘check the nozzle’ because there’s no point in having a perfectly calibrated partially clogged nozzle.

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I almost always print PLA at 215-220 first layer and 210-215 for all others. Typically 215/210 for 90% of all the filament brands every so often it needs tuning.

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I print Black PLA at 210 and White at 205 at present I have been as low as 195
Bed Temp 50 or 60