Art Deco Lamp Project

I love art Deco Lamps, but these have become expensive, so I thought it would make a nice 3D Printer project.

This artist produces some excellent examples with wonderful fine detail in his sculptures.

I printed the original but found it to be too small for my taste, so decided to scale the lady by 150% in meshmixer, and then remodel the other parts in solidworks to fit Canadian style bulbs. If any one would like my base & disc just send me a message.

I will use this thread to document the build process…


My experiments with aged bronze appearance.

Below shows the new larger version, which will stand about 13" tall.
I tend to glue the separate parts together with super glue and then weld the parts together by brushing UV resin into the joints & use a UV flash light to set the resin. This technique is fast and allows you to build up the joint with resin.

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Finished image will go here.

oh me too I like all those designs. “space-age”, tail fins, highly polished chrome and brass

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