Artillery X1 Run Out Sensor Replacement

Has anyone replaced a X1 run out with the BigTreeTech smart sensor? What is involved?

I have been fiddling with the X1 to get it running well for ages. I am there but the run out sensor jams on occasion and causes the feed to stop. It is random and frustrating. I have a little tail of filament in it now by passing it completely. It bugs me I am not using one but at the same hand if the filament runs out and the bed cools the print releases anyway.

Hello Kite,
Sorry not yet, Tring to get Source Code for firmware from Artillery has been a pain.

That Guy on Thingiverse, Waggster had made firmware before, wonder if he’s tried it?

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That is what I figured. I will likely order a second x1 sensor and disassemble the first to figure out what is wrong with it. It binds so hard it is difficult to pull the filament through by hand. Way too much effort! I have kinda hit the wall with the X1 it has eaten too much time for the return, I just want to make the prints I bought it for in November.