Auto Bed Level Issues

Hoping somebody may have a fix for this as I have been searching the internet and have not been able to find anyone else that has had this issue.

I have an Ender 3S1 Pro with a Sonic pad, yesterday i was able to use the ABL without any issues, today i go to level my bed and was greeted with an awful sound as the extruder made it to the right side of the print bed and then overshot the bed and dug the nozzle into the print bed when it made it back to the left side. I am hoping this is not a Mechanical issue and that it can be easily fixed as i have no idea what would have changed between last night and this morning,

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there,

I am not sure I totally understand what happened from the description provided.

Would you be able to provide us with a video of the issue occurring?


Hey Matthew,

Sorry for the confusing description, I actually have no idea what happened but I just went to get a better video of what was happening and it has actually fixed itself. Not sure how this happened as i had previously tried turning everything on/off,

but anyways thank you for attempting to assist!

Great, just like taking the car to the mechanic eh?

If it happens again just let me know and I can see if we can figure something out!