Auto Bed Leveling Sensor


I just buy today the Genuine ANTCLABS BLTouch v3.1 Auto Bed Leveling Sensor from you and I just try to download this file:

And receive a message this page not found Error 404.

Please help me to find out where I can find this download to Flash my LCD on my Creality 3D CR-10S Pro 3D Printer

Greetings, and welcome, Victor21…

Well, you’re not crazy. The link is not only dead, but I’ve done a search of GITHUB (the host site) and Creaity_DWINTest doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on it anymore. This is most likely because a new version has been made that doesn’t include that folder with that name.

I don’t have a BLTouch myself, so I have no experience with installing it and as such I will bow out of the conversation, but I’m quite sure someone with experience will point you in the direction of the new files.

Also, 3C Printing Canada’s own GiTHUB project points to it too, so they’ll have to update their own link. I post this only as a reminder to @Jason,

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Thanks my friend…

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Hi All!
Looks like all the files can be found on Creality’s website now at Download | Creality 3D.


I apologize, Our GitHub is getting out of date and I have a lot of updates to do on it. Apologize for slack time not getting it done. Its on my list of stuff I have to get done