Autodesk Fusion 360 - Thoughts?

What are your thoughts on Fusion 360?

Most people enjoy using this software because of its easy to use features and free license for personal use.

Have you used Fusion 360 in a commercial environment?

Does it stand up to other 3d modeling software such as Solid Works?

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I have been a designer for 10 years and have experience with many different design softwares. Mostly Catia but UG, Solid Works, etc.

I obviously prefer Catia over anything since I have the most experience with it but when I am home and don’t have access to Catia I turn to fusion 360. It is a good software that does all the general design applications that the more advanced softwares use. There are many tutorials online for it so beginners shouldn’t be to intimidated and it also has some interesting additional tools that I have never delved into like creating G-code for milling operations.

I have used AutoCAD many years ago . I installed Fusion 360 free version and really enjoy its ease of use. Have practiced designing hold downs and knobs for my workshop and it works great.

I have worked in CAD programs for years, Autocad, Solidworks, Rhino, Sketchup an a few others. Fusion 360 is the most like Solidworks and being free is a nice price.
It has all the functions and ease of use. Only problem is it needs a bit better than average computer to run. They are also bundling Fusion360 with Netfabb, Netfabb is good for fixing files, cutting files and joining files.

I like what I have used so far… My issue with the “Free” idea is that it’s only free for 10 projects. Personal Use it maybe, but i’d like to think I am will want to do more then 10 projects in a year.

I am wondering if you can save as multiple components in one file. That could save on number of saved files needed

Oh ill have to look at the new licenses. You might be able to just save locally and keep your 10 current projects in the cloud.

Yes so that’s “10 active and editable” documents and unlimited uneditable ducuments. And you can still export as *.f3d and save locally so it’s not a huge limitation just an inconvenience. You have to make less than $1000usd a year on it

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Thanks for clarifying. Clearly I didn’t read deep enough.

I’m pretty sure you can do this. Yes.

Glenn confirmed my half-reading below though, so not the end of the world.

Heh well, it’s Autodesk. so people sort of expect to get scr…wait am I saying that out loud?

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