Avoid threads underneath overhang

Printer: Creality CR-6 SE.

Printed an Overhang test with standard PLA and extruder temp 200C:

When it reaches 70 degrees of slope, threads are collecting underneath:

What parameters should I change to avoid the loose threads?

This is a test to show you at what point (angle) that you will need support to prevent the stringing. When you start having problems then you know your limit.


Ok, I get it! Thanks!


as @Blenky said it shows you what you printer can handle. Try looking at a calibration or even upgrade videos that might improve your overhangs before you need supports. A very well tuned printer with a potentially upgraded part cooling ducts can get overhands to just under 85 degrees.

Hard to tell from the image but really looks like you are starting to have overhang issues at around 50 degrees or so.

Nope, overhang at around 80% but not consistent between different PLA filaments.
Tried with a hexagonal cooling duct, became worse than the original.

Now trying with support but they are so firmly glued to the rest of the print that the support is impossible to remove without destroying the print.

If you are printing delicate parts you should use tree support as it is much easier to remove. Also get a good set of cleaning tools. I use these as they are very sharp and work very well.