Backbone change?

I typically have been using an old computer in my bedroom to post on the form. Recently it has not allowed my log in, unsupported browser. :cry: I figure some update of the site broke the system. I don’t really have anything that will take the place of the antique MBP I had hoped it would keep working longer. Any thoughts?

Well, when my computer won’t work my first thoughts are of suicide. But that just me.

Hey Kite

Sorry been on site the last couple of days, We did do a major update on the site weekend before last, It could have introduced some incompatibility in your browser.?

A couple of people had issues logging in but I thought we had those cleaned up. We have updated the discord version so I am assuming there is an issue there. I’m assuming you are able to log in on other computers or your phone as you are posting here?

I have particular habits I tend to check the from late or early mornings from my bedroom. I rarely do from my office at home and even less so from work. I guess I will need to reevaluate.