Base ingredients for different brands of 3d Printing Filament

We buy filament from different manufacturers, and say ohh that filament works well for me. But do we really understand what is the raw base thats used?

What i mean is Natureworks 4032D. That’s not a filament that im aware of, but the base pellets used to make PLA. Which manufacturers buy and ass their herbs and spices to make say value PLA.

So does anyone shop around for particular bases and does useing the same resin base mean simmilar print results within reason from brand to brand?

That’s actually a very good question,

Personally, I have never thought about it. I pick up PLA or PETG or Nylon, never actually gave any thought to what actual ingredients make the cake, Just that cake is cake.

I think it’s chem companies continually reformulating to sell to new customers but I don’t see them being very forthcoming with with what they are doing.

Could also be filament companies asking for specific recipes but I dont think so. Seems like most of them have the new pla+ or pla3 at the same time

As i do reviews for different filaments, im asking what their base material is to see if there is any inconsistencies from one flavour to the next… For science xD

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Great point.

@Aman_Bains can also share some thoughts on this because he makes filament for a living. The other factor to consider is the additives in the materials such as strengtheners, etc. which can take a base material and completely transform it.

As for base materials most PLA is NatureWorks 4032D, 3D850, 3D870. Some suppliers have chosen to use non-3D printing specific NatureWorks plastic to cut costs. NatureWorks core business is in the injection molding space and they have many other grades of plastics which are not specifically recommended for 3d printing which sell at a lower cost per KG. Some suppliers have experimented with mixing cheaper NatureWorks plastics with either higher-grade NatureWorks plastics or additives which make it stronger, more heat resistant, etc.

From China, HiSun PLA is the most popular, Revode 110, Revode 190, etc.

From France, Total Corbion PLA.

These are the most notable raw material suppliers of PLA.

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I don’t know. I am curious too. I would guess the base PLA is going to be very similar if not the same across the board. It is the additives that make it different.


I expect the additives to make a difference, but had a curiosity to look into seeing how common and simmilar different bases would be from different filament manufacturers.

Hmm, maybe ill send an email out to a few filament manufacturers to see if they have more info.