BCN3D Viscous Lithography Manufacturing

I saw this a week ago and forgot to post it. Thought it was pretty cool.


Very interesting.

I’d be interested in seeing the costs and print time.

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For sure. It looks like a industrial machine so I would expect a high price… ???

This is from their showcase event and does a bit of a comparison of how the price stacks up compared to other technology such as powder bed fusion.
I’m pretty sure earlier in that presentation I saw <$50000 as a number for the machine but I’d have to fact check that one.

It’s certainly not going to replace your homemade FDM printer but it does seem a fair bit cheaper than a lot of the other industrial level printers.

The opportunity to create higher end engineering grade materials that aren’t limited by the low viscosity requirements of current resins seems to be the biggest appeal to this technology.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit - what is the price of a print (in terms of materials) and how long does it take (compared to other methods).

It was pretty obvious that it was a commercial unit when I saw the two tubs of liquid and the film running between them.

There is “affordable” for engineering models and “affordable” for customer/investor prototypes (the former costs a lot less than the latter).