Bed Center Software or End Stop

Hi, I checked my Ender 3 Pro for bed center and it was off a bit, after doing some reading there was one about using M206 to adjust it.
I printed a cross hair boxed and done the measurements to the edge.
Using M206 i put in the result for X and Y then used M500 to save it and now it prints in the middle.
I noticed those settings are now showing on X and Y home point as a start. (X 2.76 Y -3.62)
My question is Can this be set in software so that home will show 0 or Can the end stop be adjusted so that it will find center from it?
For Z i use BLtouch and do occasional manual bed level to keep it as close as possible to level.

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Great question, My thought on it would be to add it as an M851 (offset) you could set it it firmware or in the start Gcode this should place it where you want it and be able to change it if need be.

Thanks! But is M851 mostly use for Probe Offset? I did fine tune my BLtouch probe and it is right on the money but I did read somewhere that Ender printers might have the end stop switch a bit off so the printer on Home at “0” on X and Y measures center of the bed from there. I did confirm this after printing the target and measured.
After i did do the M206 i reprinted the target and it is going right to the center now.
That’s why im asking to see if its better corrected with software as an OFFSET for X and Y or try to adjust the end stop switch.

Ahh gotcha, I think the easiest would be to work with the switch if your only off a little, I try to avoid fw reworks unless 100% nessary

Ya thats what I was thinking to do. I’ll mark the switch and move them according to the measure I got and reset my X and Y to 0 that should do the trick. I think they are mounted with T nuts so they should be able to adjusted.

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