Bed Leveling is an issue

I have manually leveled the bed many times over and over. I then run the auto bed leveling function and all of a sudden the back of the bed is coming out low when I try manually bed leveling again. Is the Cr Touch off, I don’t know. And then when I start a print of course the filament at the back of the bed does not adhere and the front of the bed is too high.


post withdrawn.

I don’t know your specific printer. But I am having issues with my CR10 Smart Pro keeping ‘position’ with the entire right side. In one instance the bed leveling knobs fell right off.

This popped up on my youtoube feed last night and made me muse harder on my issue: Teaching Tech - are bed springs obsolete

I am now thinking stiffer springs and a bit of locktite and 5mm longer attachment screws are needed. No matter how tight I screw down the adjustments, then adjust the bed upwards, I nearly run out of threaded shaft on the two right side screws. I get really good prints for one to 4 runs after that, but then I am back to dialing it in.

I had to a similar thing with a very warped heated bed carriage for my daughter’s Geetech Prusa I3 Pro W. And there I used a combo of wooden spacer blocks and springs.

So from that story I would suggest checking how much ‘slop’ is in the adjustment knobs at the rear. If they move super easy, they are probably shaking loose as you do your ABL and printing.

I am sure the others here will have more ideas to offer.