Bed leveling off even with the Bl-touch

Hi, I had the BL-touch installed by 3DprintingCanada for my cr-10 V3 and it worked fairly well until now. I now have a problem where the Bl-touch does it’s probing before the print without problem but the first layer does not adhere. I ran a leveling test with squares to realize that the levelling was off and the BL touch did not detect it.
I am wondering if the Z offset has to be changed and if so how to go about it.
Thanks for your help

not likely the Z offset changing. I have this issue too. In my case I know it’s because the vertical structure is a little twisted on my printer from some recent rough handling. There’s another post on here recently (yesterday?) where someone was having this problem too.

I find that beds with springs shift periodically and need to be re checked frequently.

I check mine again every couple of weeks


yup mines like that . I always watch the first layer go down to make sure and it’s pretty trouble free after that, usually I just let it probe a new mesh and it’s good but not the last time . I have some fault with the filament run out sensor. not the smarts sensor the original one. I’ll have to take it apart I think the filament ad sawed through the guide and it’s falling off the limit switch inside.

@Vero.O oh welcome.

I will run through a manual leveling with a sheet of medium weight paper. All four corners and the middle, I get it as close as I can possibly can. My bed (the second bed) has a low spot and the BL touch helps with that.

The BL touch isn’t a miracle fix, it helps but cannot correct large errors you need to start with as good as it can be. It is hard to have two different methods on one machine.

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Hey Thanks for your answer. It makes sense but the problem is that the bed won’t go up manually high enough. Any thought?

Sounds like your Z home is too high. safe homing isn’t allowing the printer to go closer. I don’t know how to fix that on your printer but maybe you could investigate that?

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Yes you end stop needs adjustment.

I do’t know your printer but I saw thingiverse has bracket for that adjustment. You might need to add one. Here is the first one I came to as an EXAMPLE it might or not fit / work. Do a bit of reading for that part.

sry I am not sure I understand how this will help?
I lowered the Z axis to come closer to the bed and I have been able to level the bed but the first layer in the middle of my plate is still a problem.
My limit switch for Z is fixed with screws that go into the vertical bar (can’t bring it higher or lower). but it should not be an issue since I am now able to level with a piece of paper. What am I missing?

I understood from your previous reply the bed didn’t go high enough to calibrate.

If your plate isn’t flat that is something else. I found the BL can only adjust out less than 0.5 mm give or take. If your bed like my bad was out two or three business cards centre to edge, you will likely need a new bed. You might be able to reduce the cup. The best advise for my glass bed was lift the nozzle a lot, loosen all the bed bolts so there is no tension on the springs and bring the bed to 80ºC and leave it for 30 min, they shut it down and allow it to cool completely and then repeat a couple of times.

It helped a bit in my case done to one card. At the end of the day I still needed a new bed.

got it! yes, I may need a new bed.
Thanks for the help