Bed Levelling Before EVERY Print

I am having an issue where I need to level the bed of my CR-10 v3 before every print. Not just a little out of true, a lot. Anyone else have/had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it. I have stiffer springs, but it is still just as bad.

Are you using a lot of force to remove the print from the bed. That would knock it out.

Not at all. It pops right off.
I think this machine was a refurb. When I assembled it, the x gantry was way out of square, the wheels were almost free spinning on it and the sled (which is where my thoughts were going but the sled is now easy sliding and the wheels are all nice and snug, though.)
It looked to me like someone tried to assemble it, made a mess of it and sent it back. Then I bought it. Can’t say for sure, but this is my 6th printer (first CR-10) so I kind of understand what I am looking at.

I’m not the most framilliar with the CR-10, but i was having a simmilar issue with my printer (AdimLab Gantry-S)

Mine I think was due to vibration, and has been good since i changed the wheels on my extruder carriage.

In the process of me trying to sort it out, i found on thingiverse some files for creating bed leveling detent wheels. Or something like that. Could be worth a look, but i didnt end up installing them in mine as it seemed to clear up.

I would also think to just go an triple check your frame is all snug, and since my issue was related to a bad wheel (had small bumps taken out of it) maybe have a good quick look at all of your wheels.