Bed sitting too low on Ender 3 V2

So I just assembled my Ender 3 V2 following a You Tube video. I then proceeded to level my bed. Once done, I used the home command and instantly noticed a problem. The bed couldn’t travel back far enough to set the home position because the bed was hitting the X-Axis stepper motor. I have temporarily solved this by shimming up the Z-Axis limit switch so I could raise the bed slightly so it would clear the stepper motor.

I’m wondering if there is some other adjustment I could make to fix this problem. I don’t believe my solution is the best, or proper solution.


Something is seriously not correct. The bed should not be able to hit a moter. can you post a picture or pictures of the issue? i cannot fathom how that would happen. I don’t own an ender but none of the printers I own could ever hit a stepper no matter what you do.

As mentioned, by shimming the z-axis limit switch, I was able to raise my bed height enough

I don’t have this type of printer so I can’t relate to what a “normal” configuration is, but I have to wonder: do you have the four corner bed screws tightened all the way down? I should think that a “normal” configuration should allow for this and still clear the stepper motor, but maybe not. Try letting the four corner screws up a bit to see if you can clear it.

Thanks for the replies. Problem solved. The stepper motor wasn’t seated fully. I took the printer back to 3D Print Canada today and he readjusted and reseated the motor. It is OK now.

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The bed looks rough too are thoes scratches in the surface or just filament left overs?

The bed surface is fine, they were just filament leftovers. By the way, I should mention, too avoid confusion, I kept referring to my x-axis above but I believe it was actually the Y-Axis. The one that moves towards and away from you.

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Just bought mine it’s doing the same thing do we have a simple fix I moved the clip that holds the glass to the right hand side but the actual heater plate still clips the motor at tge back of the printer any help.would be appreciated as getting very frustrated now

I don’t see why you shimmed it, the z axis switch can be adjusted up and down with the screws.