Belt tensioning device

There are several belt tensioning devices that are available to be printed that can be used to adjust the tension of printer belts. Most of the state that they are for one particular brand of printer, can they be used with other brands? The belts are to be tensioned according to the manufacturers standards not the printer standards so it would seem that any printer using the same belts (6mm GT2) should have the same amount of belt tension.

These are the latest belt tension device I have seen. I have not ordered one yet…

But it looks to be better than a lot of the other methods out there.

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I just use the belt tensioner from prusa on all my printers.

Catch is you need to use a prusa printer to make one.

They also have a site that can help tension your prusa printer. I havent tried it but neat idea.

As for that ali express tensionometer thing. It would be more consistent/measurable.

The end results being if the belts were too tight, youll have excessive wear on your system (belts, wheels/bearings) and too loose would result in sloppy prints.

I have what used to be an Ender 3V2 do unfortunately they won’t wok for me. Thanks anyway.