Best 3D Printers 2021- The Only 5 You Should Consider Today Any thoughts on these printer guys

I like the resin printers and the Mars Pro at 299.00 US seems like a good deal.
the anycubic has a good build volume but have to find out the price.

Anycubic Mono X, good build volume and 860.00 on

MonoX is good Machine but Flashforge 8.9 4K is on sale right now and they have resellers in Toronto

Just two comments about the video:

  1. Nobody at PickAdviser seems to have used any of these printers and have just recycled marketing videos for their video (including ones that show Chinese text). I would recommend against buying something based on this kind of recommendation.

  2. The narrator has probably the most obnoxious voice I’ve ever heard.

It’s worth spending 9 minutes and 16 seconds on the video and see what’s out there, but I wouldn’t consider any of the printers based on this video.