Best Mod for my CR10s Pro v2


Especially for tall prints, it helps keep the tower stable!

Octoprint with raspberry pi and a touchscreen on top also a great mod as well. :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome mod! Thank you for sharing this idea :slight_smile:

Where/how did you get/make the rods and brackets?

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Hi, I got the design from thingiverse here CR-10s Pro Frame Brace V2 by Achocho - Thingiverse

I got the rods from Home Depot, it’s just 3/8" treaded rods. It’s close enough for the M10 size brace. Nuts and bolts also form home Depot. You’ll need M3 t nuts and bolts for the top part. I got those from Amazon. The black covering over the rods are just automotive wire protectors. I just slipped it on top for looks.


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Just curious to know how much of a difference this actually makes. Can you share some pics of prints before and after you added the braces?

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