Best print surface for Elegoo Neptune 2

I am planning on replacing the original print surface on my Elegoo Neptune 2.

What are your experiences out there with different print surfaces? I primarily print with PLA and PETG and am looking for a easy to work with and flexible print surface.

I own a Prusa so not all the way relevant. I really like the smooth PEI flexable bed it came with. I tried the powder coated and don’t like the texture the satin is great too.

My advise would be convert to a PEI flexible. I use it bare with PLA, ASA, ABS, and just put a tiny dab of glue stick for PETG or smear a finger over it to reduce the grip. Petg really grabs PEI.

I just upgraded my CR10S Pro to a magnetic PEI flexible surface. Truly worth the effort. I purchased the 3DPC house brand, better magnet than others, higher price than Creality but way cheaper than Wamm Bamm.

Thank you all for the advice. I ended up buying the 3DPC brand and can’t wait till I get to use it.