Best slicer software for tree supports

Hello All
I’m using Cura tree supports but not having much success. All the resin slicers have better tree support structures. I was thinking about Simplify 3D but can.t justify $199.00 USD. Any suggestions?


I’ve only used Cura and Prusaslicer. have you got pictures of what your trying to do?

Hi Glenn

I don’t have a picture. But any figure with arms out from their bodies or areas that need support from the body. I want all to start from the build plate
Thanks for the reply

Maybe try this?

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Thanks for the reply. I have that selected. I’m going to try Cura again. And adjust the diameter

Lychee slicer pro less than $50. From Mango 3D. they also have a free version but the supports are not quite so adaptable.

Cura tree supports have aways worked quite well for what I do with them.

I thought Lychee was for resin. I have a FDM.
Thanks for the reply

I’m going to try again.

They have a filament version i use it on my Flsun Q5.

I found MeshMixer has what I need. And it has a good mesh repair. Lychee you need premium.

Cura 5 has a new beta version that has a great deal of tree support improvements.

Thanks to all. My question was answered.

Don’t forget you can always customize the supports by using blockers and special blocker shapes. These are free add on’s from the Cura market place.