Better holding for the capricorn bowden tube?

I notice that when you have a lot of moving back and forth of the filament the bowden tubing have a tendency to loosen up from the holder - I think I have a good quality holder, but what do you do ?

(I’m NOT ready to goto the direct drive yet :wink: !

what printer???

CR10s PRO V2

This video dhows what is generally the best way to do it. It solves most hot end problems.

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I fact I made this back then when FilamentFriday published that video, but MY PROBLEM is in the other end !!!
The tube will be so ripped up I can’t even take it out of the cobling again … and I have replaced the copling several times now !

Do this. I did something similar for a bowden setup.

Creality Ender 3 V2 - No More Movement at the Bowden Tube Fitting to Extruder By Doing This! - YouTube

THX - that looks exactly what I need - I’ll try it out ASAP !

THX again !