Bi-Metallic Heat Breaks - A (R)Evolution?! Thinking about upgrading your creality hot end, here’s an easy way to do it do it without breaking the bank. This is one of the reasons I choose to use slice engineering. Official Slice Engineering Copperhead™ C-E Heat Break - 3D Printing Canada

I bought and tried a triangle lab bi metal kraken style heat break on the artillery x1. long story short buying a clone was a terrible idea. The tube separated from the copper and the whole block wa useless. My experience reinforces, buy the real article. I rarely buy clones any more they just are not worth the money.

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I have had an eye out on testing new heatbreaks, but have mostly refrained from doing so due to questioning how much of an impact i expect to see. I think i saw Thomas Sandlander do a video on them and had a simmilar quality control issue. Also from my perspective it looks like in a perfect world those heat brakes are critically thin at the heat termination point.

I also mostly print pla xD so my needs are marginal.

That being said my eyes are still on trying out something from slice engineering. Especially beacuse we can buy it from a canadian supplier now :smiley:

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I have had a all metal hot end in one or more printers for years. I would not bother unless you plan on running high temp materials. I don’t think it is worth it. There are new weird things to check, like does the nozzle hole exactly align with the heat break hole. Part of the issue I had with the bi metal they didn’t quite and filament kept miss feeding.

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Good to know, thats not something ive heard before.

I found it out with one of the wire cleaner tools. It is slightly smaller than the diameter and when sliding down a clean throat it caught on something. This is what i surmised, there was a small mis alignment.